NEM#167: David Christian (Comet Gain) Sings for the Awkward and the Wayward

David has released 8 albums and some EPs as the London-based Comet Gain since 1994, putting out literate, energetic, sloppy rock, typically splitting the lead vocals with a female voice. As a pandemic project, he just released his first solo album.

We discuss “Mum’s and Dad’s Other Ghosts” by David Christian and the Pinecone Orchestra from Those We Met Along the Way (2021), “An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls” from Howl of the Lonely Crowd (2011), and “The Kids at the Club” from Realistes (2002). End song: “Mid 8Ts” from Fireraisers Forever! (2019). Intro: “Strength” from Magnetic Poetry (1997). More at, including the post-release demos album and his other home-brewed concoctions.

Watch the video for “Strength” and a lyric video for “Mid 8Ts.” Hear the original 1994 version of “Kids at the Club.” Another video that highlights Comet Gain’s love of the 60s is “She Never Understood.Watch a fairly recent gig performed in a record store, and here’s one of their more yearning tunes live on a stage.

Interview editing by Tyler Hislop of Pixelbox Media.

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