Pretty Much Pop#120: Dexter the Loveable Serial Killer

Mark is joined by repeat offenders Lawrence Ware and Sarahlyn Bruck and new-to-the-podcast psych/philosophy student Michael Paskaru to talk about the Showtime TV horror-dramedy shows inspired by Jeff Lindsay’s novels, in light of the revival show Dexter: New Blood.

People loved this character so much that they were very mad that he didn’t die at the end of the show’s initial run (2006-2013). What was the appeal of this killing-the-killers show? Love of justice? A parable about addiction? A compelling anti-hero? The psychological profile of this not-quite-a-person? Also, did the revival do its job in fixing the original show? Was it otherwise necessary or helpful? 

We also bring up Hannibal, God Bless America, Maniac, Deadly Class, S.W.A.T.,  Don’t F**k with Cats, Mindhunter, Killing Eve, The Fall, You, American Psycho, The Black List, and House of Cards.

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Here are a few relevant articles:

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