Pretty Much Pop #123: We Are All Jackass

Mark is joined by comedian Matty Goldberg; filmmaker/podcaster Rolando Nieves; and comedy juggler Josh Casey to discuss the Jackass franchise that began in 2000 in light of the new (final?) film Jackass Forever. This is perhaps our sole remaining form of popular entertainment that relies on sheer physicality, without the gamesmanship of sports.

What’s the appeal of this divisive extreme stunt/comedy revue? What sort of form of friendship does the show portray? Is it unfortunate that they include the painful failures and vomiting, or does that somehow add integrity? Are the pranks ethical or degrading? Is this the kind of thing best seen uninterrupted in a theater, or has it been superseded by YouTube? We consider all these questions and more in light of the range of clips presented in the TV show and films.

A few relevant articles include:

Mark mentioned the Jackast podcast.

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Crotch pain game show humor.

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