Pretty Much Pop #125: The Dramatics of “This Is Us”

Mark is joined by rhetorician/educator Michelle Parrinello-Cason, Chris Sunami (The Pop Culture Philosopher), and award-winning former journalist Kera Mashek to discuss the recently concluded NBC drama created by Dan Fogelman.

What’s the message of the show, and is it a good one? Is this comfort food, or a stark portrayal of a diverse array of struggles with death, guilt, identity, and self-destructive behavior. Is it “contrived” the worst sense? Are the characters actually relatable or just Hollywood-engineered “relatable”? Can we just love our way out of conflicts as the show seems to depict? We talk about casting, using kid actors, time-jumping plotlines (not time travel!), diversity, music, and depicting the future. 

Some relevant articles include: 

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