NEM#174: Drew Grow’s Subconscious is the Through Line

Portland’s Drew Grow has put out around 10 albums since the 90s, gradually developing his jagged, visceral style through several projects. We discuss the title track from Cockroach in a Ghost Town, the debut album from his new band Slang with Janet Wiess, then “Abandon” from the eponymous album by Modern Kin (2014), and “Spider” from his debut solo album Next Lips (2007). End song: “King Gunn” also from the new Slang album. Intro: “Lights” by Careen from Crash Couture (2005).

Watch the video for “Cockroach in a Ghost Town” and one for another new track, “Wilder.” See Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives live in 2011 and Modern Kin live on KEXP in 2013. Watch him play “Spider” acoustically in a classroom and with the band. Hear all of “Lights.” Another central tune for Drew (that was nearly my episode intro) was “It All Comes Right,” which you can watch him sing with a bunch of cellos.

Photo by James Rexroad. Interview editing by Tyler Hislop of Pixel Box Media.

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