NEM#177: Susan Cattaneo Leaves Nashville and Finds Herself

Susan teaches songwriting at Berklee and has released six albums since 2009. As she tells us, she started wanting to be a Nashville songwriter, decided to then sing those country songs herself, but decided that it was too much of an act. Her subsequent, meticulously crafted Americana albums in Boston better reflect her unique sensibilities.

We discuss “Broken Things” (and listen at the end to “Time + Love + Gravity”) from All Is Quiet (2022), “Revival” from Haunted Heart (2014), “Shave” from Heaven to Heartache (2011). Intro: “Work Hard Love Harder” from The Hammer & the Heart (2017). More at, or check out her YouTube channel for lots of live clips, official videos, and more.

She also plays in a duo now called Honest Mechanik, which you can look up on your preferred streaming service, watch some video, or we actually hear about it and play a song, “Love Alone,” as an end-cap on the supporter-exclusive version of the episode.

Photo by John Cohan.

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