NEM#178: Chastity Brown in Wonderment

The daughter of a blues musician in Tennessee and originally a saxophone player, Chastity has since 2007 released seven albums from Minneapolis that she calls “new blues,” but which spread into pop, Americana, soul, and Irish-flavored spirituals.

We discuss “Wonderment” (co-written with Dan Wilson) and listen at the end to “Back Seat” from Sing to the Walls (2022), “Drive Slow” (co-written with Robert Mulrennan) from Silhouette of Sirens (2017), “Many Prayers” from Do the Best You Can (2007). Intro: “Colorado” (a 2014 single included on 2017’s Silhouette of Sirens). More at

Hear all of “Colorado.” This recent live show begins with a nearly solo version (with drums) of “Wonderment.” Here it is live with her full band, and here’s “Drive Slow” similarly live. Here’s the live take where she’s playing piano that I referred to, and here’s the video for “By the Train Tracks” that comes up as an example of her delivering black vernacular. Here she is on banjo. (No, I could find any footage of her on saxophone!)

Photo by Brad Ogbonna. Interview editing by Tyler Hislop.

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