PvI#37: Season One Final Round

It’s all down to this. Which discipline, which host will prevail? Will a third-party cheater bust in and take the big prize? All stakes are on the table, and if this thinking isn’t critical enough, if these scenes aren’t congruent enough, if we fail the big scan-tron test that is life, then it’s all been for nothing. Get out your cushion and get in the lotus position, clear your mind, and tune in for this, the most exciting single podcast episode you’ve ever heard in your whole goddamned life.

Read Bill’s posts on Literate Ape. Watch Bill’s improv reaction videos. Catch up on Mark’s Chickie videos.

The art this time (until someone complains about my using it without permission) is by Jean-Michel Basquiat, who is not in fact a small child, through this image sure looks like a small child drew it. But in a good way! Maybe one of you with kids have ask those kids to draw some boxers for our future use. (Boxers, yes, briefs, no. …And with that “joke,” I absolutely lose the humor contest. Sorry.)

Audio editing by Tyler Hislop; check out his new Pixel Box Media podcast.

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