NEM#179: Mike Lindup’s Atlantean Visions and Level 42

Mike played keyboards and shared lead vocals for synth jazz-pop Level 42’s initial run for nine albums from 1982-1994 (and rejoined in 2006 for touring and some more recording) and is currently working on his fourth solo release. We talk about his new single from that upcoming album, “Atlantia,” plus “Madness” from On the One (2011) and Level 42’s “Weave Your Spell” from The Pursuit Of Accidents (1982). End song: “Heart of the Matter” from Conversations with Silence (2003). Intro: “Something About You” by Level 42 from World Machine (1985). For more see

Watch the video for “Weave Your Spell.” And the famous one for “Something About You.” His previous two singles for this new album have videos: “You Can’t Just Live as an Island” and “Time to Let Go.” As we discuss at the end, he’s played some of his hits solo; here’s audio for “Something About You” with just piano and voice. Here he is live on piano with a band in 2004.

Here’s some footage from 1992 live Level 42 with the full horn section and Mike singing lead. Here’s a live TV instrumental performance with just him and Mark King. Here he is playing along with a De Lata track (the Brazilian band he plays live with sometimes). Here’s a 2018 live Level 42 performance of “Something About You” (on which the camera operator doesn’t seem to know where Mike is).

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