NEM#180: Rebecca Pidgeon’s Inner Speech

Rebecca has balanced her musical career with her acting career since the mid ’80s, starting in Scotland with Ruby Blue and then moving to New York in 1989 and releasing 10 solo albums and some EPs.

We discuss “Silent Sound” from Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound (2022), the title track to the Stark Naked EP (2020), and “24 Hours of Love” from New York Girls’ Club (1996). End song: “You Have Got My Number” from Blue Dress On (2013). Intro: “So Unlike Me” by Ruby Blue from Glances Askances (1987). More info at

Hear all of “So Unlike Me.” Here’s a full video from Ruby Blue. Here’s a video from one of the new songs with much more Indian sound (and visuals!). Her most famous song seems to be a cover of “Spanish Harlem,” from her first solo album. The album she mentions that Steely Dan’s Walter Becker played on is Tough on Crime. Here’s a video for another of her more popular tunes, “Love Is Cocaine.”

Watch a recent solo streaming show and a show with her whole band. Here’s a 2019 live performance of just “Stark Naked.” 

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