NEM#182: Allan and Barb Vest Together as doubleVee

Through the 00’s and four studio albums, Allan led the “baroque pop” Oklahoma band Starlight Mints. Then he met his wife Barb who’d played piano and sang, and together they write and record as doubleVee. They’ve released two albums and an EP since 2017.

The three of us talk about “The Middle Side of Me” from Treat Her Strangely (2022), then the title track from Jack the Rider (2017), then “Submarine #3” by Starlight Mints from The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of (2000). End song: “Map the Channels” from Songs for Birds and Bats (2019). Intro: “Eyes of the Night” by Starlight Mints from Drowaton (2006). More at

Watch the animated video from “Jack the Rider” and also one for “Map the Channels.” Some other doubleVee videos include “The Question’s Closed” (with Barb singing lead), and “Matador Bell” (featuring real actors!). 

Hear all of “Eyes of the Night,” and see Starlight Mints play it live. Watch them play “Submarine #3” live too, and another live track called “Black Cat” that features the strings more heavily, plus Allan singing through a cone of some sort.

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