NEM#184: Mike Baggetta Feels Out the Guitar

Mike has put out 18 releases of largely instrumental guitar music since 2004, sometimes with his jazz quintet or as a duo with trumpeter Kris Tiner, and more recently in more of an instrumental rock format with legendary bassist Mike Watt and with drums by either Jim Keltner (Traveling Wilburys, Ry Cooder) or Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits).

We discuss the title track to Everywhen We Go (2022), “Hospital Song” from Wall of Flowers (2019), and “The Mystery Of” from Main Street Stop Valve (2020). End song: “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Social Justice” from mssv Meets Nels Cline (a 2022 EP). Intro: The title track by Tin/Bag from There, Just As You Look For It (2005). For more see

Watch Mike, Mike, and Jim play “Hospital Song” in the studio, watch Mike play it solo, and hear the the 2008 Mike Baggetta Quartet version. Here’s a Mike/Mike/Jim in-studio playing “Everywhen We Go.Listen to one of those prepared guitar pieces from his debut album, Canto.

Watch Tin/Bag live. Mike/Mike/and Stephen play live under the name mssv, and here they are live and live remotely during the pandemic. Here’s Mike playing his song “Nathan” live with Jeff Coffin, et al. Here he is doing an improvised guitar duet live with Ava Mendoza.

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