Pretty Much Pop #144: Androids and Us

Do movie robots want to love us, be us, or kill us? Mark, Lawrence, Sarahlyn, and Al talk through various ethical and narrative problems having to do with the creation of artificial life.

We all watched M3GAN and Steve Spielberg’s A.I., and also touch on After Yang, Ex Machina, Bicentennial Man, the BBC show Humans, and of course this is an element in classic sci-fi properties like Alien, Blade Runner, Star Trek, etc.

We also go on a tangent about A.I. writing academic papers.

We mention the short stories E.M. Forster’s “The Machine Stops” and Roger Zelazny’s “For a Breath I Tarry.”

In the aftertalk, we preview our upcoming/potential discussions on laugh-track-laden sit-coms, films and TV based on video games, Black Panther, Rocky, Ted Lasso, and resource management video games. We also talk sports fandom. Search “as an 80s sitcom” on YouTube.

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