NEM#191: Chris Slusarenko and John Moen As (And Before) Eyelids

John is on the left, Chris is hiding behind his hair and John’s guitar on the right.

Chris and John were friends since the ’80s in the Portland music scene, playing separately in several bands (sometimes as front men, sometimes not). By the ’00s, John was drumming for bands like the Decembrists, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, and Elliot Smith, while Chris was doing a stint on bass for Guided by Voices and running a record shop. They recorded together as Boston Spaceships (aka The Takeovers) with Guided by Voices’ frontman Robert Pollard from 2005-2011 and then became co-frontmen for Eyelids, which has now issued 17 releases including four full albums.

We discuss “Runaway, Yeah” from A Colossal Waste of Light (2023), “Seagulls Into Submission” from 854 (2014), “Shrunken Head” by Chris’ band Svelt from Souvenir (1996), and we listen to “Blindfold Follies” by John’s band The Maroons from You’re Gonna Ruin Everything (2002) and “Ceremony” by Eyelids (featuring lyrics by Larry Beckett) from The Accidental Falls (2019). Intro: “My Will” by The Takeovers from Bad Football (2007). For more, see

Watch Eyelids playing live in 2017. Watch videos for their new tunes, “Colossal Waste of Light” and “Lyin’ In Your Tomb.” Some of their older videos include “Camelot,” “The Accidental Falls,” and “Bound to Let You Down.” Here they are live with Peter Buck doing an REM cover. A song they did backing John Cameron Mitchell is “Waves of Fear.” The previously unrecorded Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett song they recorded is “Found at the Scene of a Rendezvous that Failed.” Listen to their collaboration with Gary Jarman from The Cribs.

Listen to the Robert Pollard demo I referred to, and then the final Boston Spaceships recording that Chris and John created. Hear all of “My Will.” 

Here’s some interview and performance footage from Svelt. Watch the video from Chris’ pre-Svelt band Sprinkler. Watch Chris’ DEVO tribute band feat. Elliot Smith. Here’s Chris live with Death Midget in 1984 and that band’s eventual album (with a new lead singer).

Watch John playing live with Dharma Bums, The Decembrists, Black Prairie, and The Burn Something Beautiful Band with Alejandro Escovedo, Peter Buck, and Scott McCaughey. Listen to John as Perhapst

Listen to The Cavemanish Boys, technically the first band that Chris and John played in together.

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