Pretty Much Pop #148: Resource Management Video Games

Mark, Al, our editor Tyler Hislop, and Dr. Jamie Madigan of the Psychology of Video Games podcast talk about a wide range crafting and building games from Minecraft to Starcraft to Sim City to Civilization to Rimworld to Subnautica. Given what a time commitment these typically require, what makes some of them worthwhile?

Is it better to mix the building and crafting with some other goal like combat, or is the big advantage of these games is that they’re a relaxing sandbox. Is there something fishy about a game that needs to be played in conjunction with a wiki? How do these relate to board games? Is it more fun to build something or destroy it? Is playing these cooperatively with other people better or worse?

We bring up many games including Oxygen Not Included, Satisfactory, Factory, Cities: Skylines, Don’t Starve, Dungeon Keeper, Against the Storm, No Man’s Sky, The Sims, Pocket God, Dwarf Fortress, Icarus, Cult of the Lamb, Stardew Valley, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, Northgard, and more.

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