NEM#194: Vashti Bunyan Is Not a Folk Singer

Vashti was discovered in the mid-60s by the Rolling Stones manager, recorded a seminal (though commercially unsuccessful) acoustic album in 1970, then quit music until her children were grown, recording two more albums since 2005, touring, and her old songs have appeared on several commercials and soundtracks. She’s just released her autobiography, Wayward: Just Another Life to Live.

We discuss “I Want to Be Alone” (a 1965 single), “Rose Hip November” from Just Another Diamond Day (1970), “Wayward from Lookaftering (2005), and the title track from Heartleap (2014). Intro: “Train Song” (1966 single); the singles were released on Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind (2007). More at

Watch Vashti on TV lip-synching to her first single “Things Just Stick in Your Mind.” Watch a newish video for “Train Song,” and watch her playing the original lyrics to that song, i.e. “17 Pink Sugar Elephants.” Here she is with the horse and cart back in 1970 or so playing a song called “Rainbow River.” Watch a current concert with her and her ornamenting guitarist Gareth. Another early single that’s equally popular now to “Train Song” is “I’d Like to Walk Around in Your Mind.” Listen to her 2005 collaboration with Animal Collective. Listen to a little of Vashti being interviewed in 1970.

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