NEM#195: Nicholas Tremulis Reads Better Books

Nick started as a teen punk jazz guitarist in Chicago and has fronted 10+ carefully arranged solo albums in various styles from R&B to Latin to alt-country. He has also been in groups with Alejandro Escovedo (Fauntleroys), Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick (Candy Golde), and now the Chi-Town Social Club. He’s also a teacher and has scored 40+ films.

We discuss “Amanda and the God’s Honest Truth” (attributed to Nicholas Tremulis and the Prodigals) from Rarified World (2021), “Buffalo Man” from Little Big Songs (2008), and “River of Love” (feat. Bonnie Raitt) from More Than Truth (1986). End song: “Super Human Love” (attributed to the Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra) from For the Baby Doll (2013). Intro: “Heartbeat Getting Stronger” from Nicholas Tremulis (1985). For more, see Nick’s pages on YouTube, Facebook, and Soundcloud. Follow him @NickTremulis1.

See The Nicholas Tremulis Orchestra live. Here’s a very recent live track filmed in a kitchen with a full horn section. Watch the video from the opening track, “J. Paul Getty,” from the new album.

Hear all of “Heartbeat Getting Stronger.” Watch the video for the song “King of the Hill” that launched his new, countrified, post-’80s career, with intro by the poet Gregory Corso. Here he is in 1999 with Rick Danko guest-fronting his band. Here’s his band backing Alejandro Escovedo.  Here he is live with Candy Golde. Hear one of his songs with The Fauntleroys (with two of my past guets, Alejandro Escovedo and Ivan Julian). Listen to Chi-Town Social Club.

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