PvI#55: Oversouled Behavior w/ Genevieve Joy

Genevieve is a comedian, podcaster, and she was a philosophy major who’s studying for her doctorate in Divinity (in the Science of Mind/New Thought tradition). We talk about the idea that “we are all one” (and thus we are all God, if you want to call the sum of all things by that name) that’s in various traditions. Ralph Waldo Emerson called this the “oversoul.”

Unique to this episode, we pretty much front-load the philosophy and spend our second half under the bleachers not making out, get bored at the Grand Canyon, get nervous before the big show, and consider everyone’s food allergies.

For a more through take on Genevieve’s theology, watch this other interview that’s not interrupted with our nonsense. Listen to Genevieve and Mark on Pretty Much Pop talking about disgraced entertainers. Listen to Just Genevieve and Not Just Genevieve.

The image is by Lily, ripped from this page. Audio editing as always by Tyler Hislop.

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  1. This statement, “quantum comes first”, stuck in my craw. A statement like that leads to so many headaches.

    Maybe check out the Wikipedia page on “top down cosmology”.

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