Pretty Much Pop #152: BELIEVE in Ted Lasso

Mark, Lawrence, Sarahlyn, and Al disagree about the Jason Sudeikis-headed Apple TV+ pandemic hit that’s just wrapped up with its third season. Was it actually as good as everyone thought when its first season hit, or was its vibe just something we needed at the time? Should it have stayed slim and comic instead of becoming the stretched out, soapy dramedy that it ended up as?

Is this actually still a sports show? Does it have anything substantial and thoughtful to say about toxic masculinity? Can British people be portrayed realistically yet also interestingly? What do we think about Ted as a representation of an idealized American spirit? Did we need full character arcs for every minor character on the show? Do we want a Lassoless spin-off show?

We also touch on Welcome to Wrexham, Last Man on Earth, The Real Housewives, Glee, Party Down, Friends, Manifest, and more.

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Audio editing by Tyler Hislop of Pixel Box Media.

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