PvI#56: Interpreting the Monkey Man w/ Chris George

Watch this episode in its unedited video form.

Chris has an act called “I Am the Show” where he improvises to a film that he hasn’t seen that’s playing silently, making up all the dialogue and sound effects. Here’s an example.

Mark and Bill talk to Chris about being a spectator or critic of art: To understand a work, is it good or necessary to try to divine the artist’s intentions, or is meaning in art something that happens after a work becomes an objective thing, such that the artist’s intentions are not really relevant, and in fact the author might not have any better idea than you do of its meaning?

This spurs us for some reason to enact some scenes initiated by pantomime, i.e. silence. Darts, anyone?

Listen to the Partially Examined Life episode where we talk about “death of the author” and related concepts.

The image, which for some reason came up when I searched for child’s drawings of monkeys, is from here. Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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