NEM#198: Chris Stamey Keeps on Developing

Chris started in the mid 70s playing with his childhood friend Mitch Easter in Sneakers, then backing Alex Chilton, starting a home-based record label that released Chris Bell’s legendary single “I Am the Cosmos,” and then most famously founding the dB’s, which he left after two albums in 1983. He then became a producer, played with The Golden Palominos with folks like Michael Stipe and Jack Bruce, and has released nine solo albums plus avant garde guitar collaborations with Kirk Ross and four reunion albums with Peter Holsapple and/or the dB’s.

We discuss “I Will Try” from The Great Escape (2023), the title track from Lovesick Blues (2013), “Glorious Delusion” from Fireworks (1988, released in 1991), and “I Don’t Think of You” by Chris Stamey & The Fellow Travelers feat. Ramune Martin from A Brand-New Shade of Blue (2020). Intro: “The Summer Sun” (1977 single). More at Buy his book about his time in New York in the New Wave period: A Spy in the House of Loud.

Hear all of “The Summer Sun,” plus a later recording feat. Yo La Tengo and Alex Chilton singing lead on the song live with Chris. Listen to “Condition Red,” a song from the Sneakers album. If you want to hear the height of Chris’ work with The dB’s, listen to the whole Repercussion album. The previous song on Fireworks that I refer to is “Something Came Over Me.”

Watch the new video for an unreleased Alex Chilton song by Chris, “She Might Look My Way.” Here’s a video for a new song, “(A Prisoner of This) Hopeless Love.” Watch the full concert premiere of “I Don’t Think of You.” Watch a video for “Cara Lee,” the first single from Chris’ first solo album. Watch a 2015 live trio performance of his song “Universe-Sized Arms.” Watch Chris discussing his label and Chris Bell’s “I Am the Cosmos.” 

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