NEM#200: Mikaela Davis: Singer-Songwriter-Harpist

Mikaela has a degree in harp performance and has been recording since 2011. We discuss “Cinderella” (and listen at the end to “Leave It Alone”) from her second label-released album, And Southern Star (2023), “Left Hand Path” (2002, released on the compilation album Spelljams), and “In My Groove” from Delivery (2018). Intro: “When You’re Away” (recorded 2015). Hear more at

Watch the official video for “Cinderella.” Here’s the band playing a live version of another of their new singles. Watch a live band version of “In My Groove.” Here she is a decade ago playing an Elliot Smith cover. And here she is playing “When You’re Away” with just her and keyboard. Here’s the band covering some Grateful Dead live. Watch a whole live-at-home set. Hear the full Various Artists Spelljams album.

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