NEM#201: Ivan Neville Gets Personal (but Still Funky)

Ivan is the keyboardist/singer/multi-instrumentalist son of Aaron Neville and has played with the Neville Brothers, The Rolling Stones and Keith Richards’ solo band, The Spin Doctors, Soul Asylum, and Robbie Robertson among others. He has released eight albums since 1988, half of these under the band name Dumpstaphunk (a collaboration that includes his cousin Ian Neville).

We discuss “Pass It Around” and listen to “Hey All Together” from Touch My Soul (2023), “They Don’t Care” by Dumpstaphunk from Dirty Word (2013), “What You Want from Me” from Saturday Morning Music (aka Scrape) (2002), and “Stay What You Are” (feat. Aaron Neville) from Thanks (1995) (which extensively quotes Sly and the Family Stone’s “Newlyweds” for its last verse). Intro: “Not Just Another Girl” from If My Ancestors Could See Me Now (1988). More at and

Watch the video for “Not Just Another Girl.” Watch his current band playing the song live. Watch a set by his 2004 live band and one from last year by Dumpstaphunk. Listen to the title track from Dumpstaphunk’s most recent album.

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Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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