PvI#61: TEAM PLAY CIRCUS with Adal Rifai and Jenny Hansen

It’s our season three premiere, and the elephants are in the room! It’s St. Lawrence University philosophy prof Jenny (a frequent PEL guest) in the ring with UIC Theater instructor/Podcaster with Hey Riddle Riddle and Hello From the Magic Tavern Adal, along with Mark and Bill, of course. And the Bullshot is flying! Who will be hit? Who will master the rings? Who will shoot from the hip? Who will tell it like it is? Who will have the narrowest viewpoint? The big promotion? The most clear and succinct tattoo?

Oh, also, this is another philosophy of language episode. PEL will actually be covering Frankfurt’s “On Bullshit” in a more systematic way very soon.

At the end, Adal recommended the comedian Theo Von as a good example of bullshitting as comedy.

Follow Adal on Twitter and Instagram. Jenny is too cool for social media, but you can follow her in your mind, if that’s not too creepy.

Adal appears to have a brand NEW podcast, “The Word Association.”

The image here is by Anshika, and for the first time, we have audio of the artist explaining her work and how it uses colors “like blue and yellow.” Sounds like I need to start a child’s art appreciation podcast!

Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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