NEM#203: Andy White Tells the Truth

Andy has released 16 solo albums and a few collaborations since 1986. He tours almost exclusively solo with an acoustic guitar and has written three books. We discuss “The Happiness Index” from AT (2023), his second collaboration with Tim Finn; the title track from The Guilty and the Innocent (2017); and “Speechless” from Out There (1992). End song: “Italian Girls on Mopeds” from Boy 40 (2003). Intro: “Vision of You” from Rave On (1986). More at

Hear all of “Vision of You.” Watch him play “Speechless” live. Here’s Andy playing “Italian Girls” live with a choir and backing musicians. Here’s a new performance of his classic “Religious Persuasion” and the original ’80s video. Here’s a version featuring Sinead O’Connor and Billy Bragg. Another early video (less grainy) is this one. Hear the political song “Dignity” that Andy mentions.

Watch the video for another new AT song. Watch Tim and Andy interviewed together. Watch ALT live back in 1995. Here’s the ALT version of the song “Many’s the TIme” that “The Happiness Index” quotes. Andy and Tim wrote lyrics to the song “Whole Thing” for Peter Gabriel.

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