Pretty Much Pop #160: Mvto to “Reservation Dogs”

After three seasons, this groundbreaking Native-written/starring TV show about four teens trying to get away from their Oklahoma reservation has completed its arc. Mark, Lawrence, Al, and COVID-infected Sarahlyn discuss the show’s take on death, community, drugs, wisdom, wokeness, and the supernatural. Did the show work given the wildly different tones and emphases over the series? To what degree does this show exhibit the dry absurdism of co-creator Taika Waititi? We talk about the environment, casting, guest stars, plot choices, and authenticity.

Listen to our previous episodes on Native representation: ep. 7 and ep. 140. Lawrence refers to the documentary Reel Injun. What “mvto” means.

In the Aftertalk, we share our experiences with the comedies of our youth: Saved by the Bell, Brady Bunch, Steptoe and Son, Fresh Prince, Diff’rent Strokes, Who’s the Boss, Happy Days. Also: No One Will Save You, Skinamarink, West Wing, and the 2nd Republican debate. Yes, we have a short discussion about the 2024 election, including what celebrities should run. We discuss our Halloween assignment: The Exorcist series.

Some of the articles we looked at to prepare included:

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