NEM#206: Wreckless Eric: “Without Sound, You’ve Got Nothing”

Eric Goulden started in 1977 as label-mate to Elvis Costello and Ian Dury, but after three albums he went indie and was an early practitioner of home recording, releasing albums in the second half of the ’80s under various band names like Captains of Industry and The Len Bright Combo. He eventually re-embraced his Wreckless Eric moniker and now records on his own and with his wife Amy Rigby, bringing his total output to around 29 albums. He sees the songwriting portion as a minor part of what he does; it’s all about creating unique and exciting sounds for the recording.

We discuss “Standing Sunday Morning” from Leisureland (2023), “Another Drive-In Saturday” by Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby from their self-titled debut (2008), and “Depression” by Le Beat Group Electrique from their self-titled album (1989). We conclude by listening to “Father to the Man” from Transience (2019). Intro: “Whole Wide World” (single version, 1977).

Watch a recent live Eric solo TV performance. Here he is with a band in 1977 playing “Whole Wide World,” a bit faster in 1980, and back slower again in 2014. Watch him and Amy harmonizing. Watch Le Beat Group live in 1989 live on MTV. Hear a track from the 1984 album yet to be placed on the streaming services.

Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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