PvI#66: Legacy Mops w/ Kevin Allison

Kevin is the creator and host of the storytelling podcast RISK! and is the alphabetically foremost member of the MTV-televised, newly reformed, celebrity-infested sketch comedy troupe The State. He tells us he was also the creative director of an improv troupe for a year, but it’s not his primary jam, so we talk about that before launching into a scene about a suspicious hotel.

How does one engineer one’s legacy? Can you, or will history inevitably either reduce your greatest contributions to mere noise or reinterpret them in light of, for instance, your final, embarrassing moments? Perhaps the legendary comedy team of Ricky and Lester can serve as a scenic example; let’s let them say a little about who they are and how their career reached its current nadir.

Watch the festivities unedited.

Keep up with The State at the-state.com. Listen to Mark interview Kevin about RISK! on Pretty Much Pop. Follow Kevin @TheKevinAllison and @thekevinallison.

The image here is the first actually commissioned for this podcast, by the child of listener Heath Adams. It’s supposed to be a dinosaur, must like us legacy podcasters (RISK! started one year before PEL). And yet what could be more ephemeral than whiteboard art? Thank you, Heath and child, for the profound sentiment, sure to impregnate each viewer with their own profound artworks, creating a chain reaction that will undoubtedly last through eternity. And thus is the legacy of this show secured.

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Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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