NEM#207: Jason Narducy: Punk Matured

Jason plays bass for Bob Mould’s band, is a touring member of Superchunk, and has been making the promo rounds as he tours as guitarist with actor Michael Shannon to play R.E.M.’s debut Murmur live for its 40th anniversary. He’s a singer-songwriter who played as Verbow in the 90s, and more recently as Split Single.

We discuss two Split Single tunes: “Bitten by the Sound” from Amplificado (2021), “Monolith” from Fragmented World (2014), plus Verbow’s “Fan Club” from Chronicles (1997). End song: “Blood Break Ground” from Callado (2022). Intro: “He’s a Panther” by Verböten (his first band, when he was but a tween, live in 1983). Learn more at

Watch Jason with Michael Shannon playing REM. Watch the video to one of his big Split Single singles “Untry Love,” and “Satellite,” another single from the newer album. Watch Jason in his home environment (including several solo performances). Watch him backing Bob Mould. Watch the video for “Flag,” the first single by the pre-Verbow band Jason & Alison. Watch Verbow live playing their biggest hit, “Holiday.” Watch Verboten on TV, and here he is talking about the history and the musical.

I’ve featured the solo work of Alison, Jason’s cellist partner in Verbow, on NEM#101, and have also talked to Bob Mould for NEM#170.

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