PvI#67: Consent to Improv w/ Sukaina Hirji

Sukaina teaches philosophy at U. of Pennsylvania, combining work from ancient Greek, contemporary moral, and feminist philosophy. She lets Mark and Bill know about critiques by feminist philosophers of the idea of consent. We talk a bit about moral agency, teaching dynamics given these kids today, Aristotelian virtue, and testing personality types by turning them up to 11. Also, did our last episode involve improv against the someone’s will?

Follow Sukaina on Twitter and Instagram. Check out her work at sukaina-hirji.com.

The paper Sukaina refers to at the beginning is “That’s What She Said: The Language of Sexual Negotiation” by Quill Kukla.

The image, of course, by Raphael, but is the version created by Mark’s character in our first scene. Have we earned an ‘A’ yet?

Watch the interrogation unedited.

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Audio editing by Tyler Hislop.

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