PvI#70: Paramilitary Existentialism w/ Jonny Thomson

Jonny taught philosophy at Oxford, wrote the international bestseller Mini Philosophy, and now writes for Big Think.

We talk Kierkegaard and act out some scenes about scouting and military recruitment. Do we have to live within labels? Does one have to leap to a label, without justification?

For much more Kierkegaard, see our series on The Partially Examined Life.

Watch Jonny do mini philosophy on YouTube. Follow him @philosophyminis and @philosophyminis. His 2023 book is called Mini Big Ideas: A Little Book of Big Innovations.

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You may choose to watch the unedited video of this episode and WAIT while Mark loses audio for a minute near the end.

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The image is by a girl scout, showing apparently the overcoming of existential isolation via doughnut transfer, was snatched from this page.

Audio editing by Daniel Thabet of podcastdoctors.com.

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