NEM#211: Louis Michot (Lost Bayou Ramblers) Evolves Cajun Music

Coming from a family who played traditional cajun music in Louisiana, violinist Louis and his accordion-playing brother Andre have released nine albums (plus some live releases and EPs since 2001), winning two Grammy awards, plus Louis has had a couple of releases under the name Michot’s Melody Makers, and he just released his first solo album.

We discuss the title track (and listen at the end to “Ti Coeur Bleu” from Rêve du Troubadour, that 2023 solo album, plus “Marée Noire” from Mammoth Waltz (2012) and “Mexico One Step” from Bayou Perdu (2005). Intro: “Grand Marais” by Michot’s Melody Makers from Blood Moon (2018). Learn more at and

While the Ramblers started rather traditional (though with some very energetic stage theatrics), they’ve increasingly added electronics, electric guitar stunt-work, and other atmospherics while still using traditional folk melodic and structural elements and keeping to strictly Louisiana French lyrics. 

A couple of these songs feature my past guest, New Orleans guitarist and producer Mark Bingham.

Watch Louis accept a Grammy in 2024. Watch the video for Rêve. Hear all of “Grand Marais.” Watch Louis’ solo act live from last summer, and watch a Ramblers set from the same time. Here’s Louis playing truly solo

Watch a short film about Mammoth Waltz including Scarlett Johansson, Dr. John, and Gordon Gano. Here are the Ramblers back in 2010. Watch the video for the new solo tune we mention featuring Louis rapping and sax play Dickie Landry. Hear that 40 second single “Luciole.” Watch Louis live singing in English with Poguetry, the Pogues tribute band featuring Spider Stacey.

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