Pretty Much Pop#173: Cowboy Beyoncé? (Cross-Genre Music)

Mark, Lawrence, Sarahlyn, and Al look at pop music and the idea of genre. Beyoncé is beloved enough that she can do whatever she wants to musically, but the response to her Cowboy Carter album among country music listeners has been pretty critical. Is it real country, and what is it to even ask that question? How relevant are the actual musical gestures to being in a genre, as opposed to the performer’s personal style? Is gate-keeping about your favorite genre always stupid? Are all such efforts in this case racist (as articles like this one imply)? Is the album too self-indulgent?

If you want to stop and listen to any of the specific songs we mention, do so.

Mark refers to his interviews with Narada Michael Walden and Lilli Lewis.

Is Gram Parsons’ version of “I Like the Christian Life” respectful?

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