NEM#216: Kim Richey Learns to Cherish Collaboration

Kim has recorded about ten meticulously recorded country-evolving-to Americana albums out of Nashville since 1995. We discuss “Joy Rider” (written with Aaron Lee Tasjan) from Every New Beginning (2024), “A Place Called Home” (written with Mike Henderson) from Rise (2002), and “I’m Alright” (written with Angelo Petraglia and Larry Gottlieb) from Bitter Sweet (1997). End song: “Floating on the Surface,” also from the new album (written with guitarist Roger Nichols). Intro: “Every River”, also from Bitter Sweet. More at

Hear all of “Every River.” Watch a video from Kim’s label period, “Those Words We Said” from 1995. Watch a live solo performance of “A Place Called Home.” Watch a recent band performance of “I’m Alright.” Watch a full band gig from 2023.

For some idea of Kim’s Glimmer 20th Anniversary project, here’s the original 1999 version of “Came Around” and here’s the stripped down re-recording. For another example, compare the original and the new “Can’t Lose Them All.”

Listen to Kim’s duet with Chuck Prophet (and Chuck’s appearance on this podcast). Here’s one of Kim’s “work tapes,” that she describes near the end.

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