NEM#218: Pat Mastelotto: Prog Neanderthal Drum-Painting

Pat has been a session drummer since the mid ’70s, was a founding member of Mr. Mister in the ’80s, and played in all line-ups of King Crimson since ’94. He’s also a producer and no stranger to electronics.

We discuss “31” by Tu-Ner from T-1 Contact Information  (2023), “Flinch” by TUNER from Totem (2005), “Life Goes On” by Mr. Mister from I Wear the Face (1984), and we conclude by listening to “Prog Noir” by Stick Men (2016). Intro: “Vroom Vroom” by King Crimson from Thrak (1995).

Hear all of “Vroom Vroom.” Watch Stick Men playing this classic King Crimson song live. Here’s Tu-Ner on last year’s tour, and here’s TU (which in this case was Pat, Tony Levin, and Trey Gunn). Watch King Crimson live in its 1995 double trio (with Bill Bruford and Tony), and with the three-drummer 2017 line-up (where Pat takes the first solo). Watch “Life Goes On” live in 1985. Here they are recently reunited.

I previously had Pat’s KC/Tu-Ner bandmate Trey Gunn on the show, where we talked about “Level Five,” which Pat talks about at length prior to “Flinch.” Markus Reuter’s episode features another Tuner track featuring Pat.

Another track Pat mentions is Tunisia’s “The Use of Black,” where he used drum samples from Dennis Chambers. Here’s Pat introducing another of his current bands, O.R.k. Here’s a track from his duo album with another drummer, Terry Bozzio. Here he is in 1999 with his semi-solo project “Mastica.” With his wife, he recorded a whole album of balladic reinterpretations of King Crimson songs.

At the end, we mention the Work in PROGgress album by Stick Men, so you can hear how these three greats develop their music remotely.

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