NEM#63: Revisiting Bradley Skaught, Jeff Heiskell, Steve Petrinko: 2017 Year-End Extravaganza

To celebrate year #2, previous guests return: Bradley (see #32) talks “Duet” from Take Out the Poison, Jeff (see #5) presents “Still Life with Broken Heart” from Emotional Terrorism, and Steve (see #6) discusses “Wind of Change” from A Tribute to the Bee Gees ’66 to ’78. Finally, hear Tyler Hislop (see #24) about his “Wounds and Nihilism (Feat. Mark Lint).” Opening music: “Dawning on Me” by Mark Lint.

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NEM#6 Bonus: More Conversation and Tunes with Steve Petrinko

Steve and I kept talking for quite a while after our conversation, and I’ve interpersed some of this with parts of “Couch Potato” from his first solo album Behold the Pineapple! (1997) and the instrumental “Anxious” from A Day at the Park (2006). Plus you get to hear the whole of “I Gotta Know” from his Green Velvis album (2015) and “Nights on Broadway” from Giving You the Stevie Bee Gees (the full album should be completed this year).