NEM#5. Jeff Heiskell: Positive Vérité

Jeff was the voice of JudyBats until ’94, and is now Heiskell. He sings with character, or characters, always articulate, overly introspective, with intimacy issues. We discuss his current status as happy, self-funded, free-styled, hands-off yet obsessive compulsive solo artist and his high-pressure, compromise-filled time on a major label that led him to quit music altogether for a while.

Songs covered: “Firefiles” and “Just Can’t Say” from Heiskell’s Arriving (2015) and “What We Lose” from the JudyBats’ Full-Empty (1994). Plus we listen to “Our Story” from Down in the Shacks Where the Satellite Dishes Grow (1992). Learn more at

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NEM#5 Bonus: More Conversation and Tunes with Jeff Heiskell

In the pre-roll and post-roll conversation for Nakedly Examined Music ep. 5, we talk about his marketing (or not) himself as a gay artist and listen to “I Want the World to Change” from his 2008 album Clip-On Nose Ring. Also: being recognized, not sitting in front of a computer, band business chores, staying in the same town where you went to college and have many fans, who Jeff else wants to hear me interview, and more. We end listening to “Gasoline” from the 2007 Heiskell album Soundtrack for an Aneurism.