NEM#115: Julie Slick: Pedal Art Visualizer

Julie joined the Adrian Belew Power Trio in 2006 and released two solo albums starting in 2010. She then joined another bassist, Marco Machera for four albums, the last three as Echotest. Why two basses? Because Julie uses tech to change the sound of her bass to allow her to cover an orchestra’s worth of parts.

We discuss “Ladies’ Legs at the Temperature Hotel” and “No, You Are Dead/The Gate of Light” by Echotest from Daughter of Ocean (2019), plus “Pi” from her solo album Terroir (2012), and listen to “Supercell” by Echotest from From Two Balconies (2017). Intro/Outro: “Mela” from Julie Slick (2010). For more, see

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