NEM-Pretty Much Pop Crossover: The Singer Not the Song w/ Ken Stringfellow (feat. Game Theory)

Do you just embrace the pure sound of music or does context matter to you, i.e. the artist’s intentions and body of work?

Ken Stringfellow (Posies, R.E.M., Big Star), previous NEM guest for #39, joins Mark plus Erica Spyres and Brian Hirt for a special podcast-crossover episode to talk about what grabs us about music, it it gets to your ears, singers vs. songwriters, the concept “genius,” and how this attitude towards music translates to our intake of other media (e.g. favorite film directors).

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NEM #39: Ken Stringfellow: Posies, Big Star, etc.

Since 1988, Ken has put out several sparkly/grungy albums with The Posies, more under his own name and in various collaborations, played in the revived version of Big Star and in the touring band for R.E.M., and much more. He’s a busy guy!

We discuss “The Sound of Clouds” by the Posies from Solid States (2016), “Shittalkers!” and “Jesus Was an Only Child” from his solo album Danzig in the Moonlight (2012), and “Turn My Back on the Sun” from Big Star’s In Space (2005).

We close by listening to “Whatever Hell” by Holly and Ken from The Record (2015). Opening/closing music: “Solar Sister” by The Posies from Frosting on the Beater (1993).

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