NEM#9. Roderick Romero: Psychedelic Treehouse Poet

Roderick Wolgamott Romero founded and fronted the Seattle 90s space rock band Sky Cries Mary. So how does a poet get a band? Is a poet’s process different from a typical lyricist’s?

We discuss “Gliding” from Taking the Stage Live: 1997–2005 (2011), “December Snow” from Roderick’s in-progress project One Point Moment Still (featuring Romanian techno duo We’d), and “Queen of Slug Theater” from Moonbathing on Sleeping Leaves (1997).

We also listen to “You Are” from Sky Cries Mary’s final studio album, Small Town (2007), and the opening/closing music is “Walla Walla” from A Return to the Inner Experience (1993).

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NEM#9 Bonus: More Conversation and Tunes with Roderick Romero

Here’s more footage from the Nakedly Examined Music ep. 9 interview with Sky Cries Mary’s Roderick Romero, where he talks about his divorce from his co-lead-singer, writing a song for a movie about Jim Morrison that never got made, the 2015 SCM reunion show, his first album recorded with Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer of The Posies, being in the Seattle music scene as it was blowing up, and more.

We’re unveiling here two more tracks from the One Point Moment Still project: “Riot on the Moon” (with music by Roderick’s sister Nicole Wolgamott) and “Prayers and Curses” (with SCM drummer Ben Ireland). We also hear “Bath House” from that first album Until the Grinders Cease (1989), and finally the original studio version of “Gliding” from Moonbathing on Sleeping Leaves (1997), with accordion by Krist Novoselic (bassist for Nirvana).