NEM#1: David Lowery on Story Songs and Songs About Nothing

David LoweryWelcome to the premiere episode of Nakedly Examined Music, where a songwriter and I go in depth on three of his or her songs.

David is the lead singer of Camper van Beethoven and Cracker, and has of late been a music business professor and a major advocate for artists’ rights, even testifying before Congress.

The three songs we discuss are:

As a bonus, we also get to hear one of David’s most recent songs, “Almond Grove” by Cracker from Berkeley To Bakersfield (discussed in Rolling Stone). The intro/outro music is from Cracker’s biggest hit “Low,” from 1993’s Kerosene Hat. You can read lyrics for all of these songs here.

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David is a very lyrics-oriented guy, and isn’t shy about telling the stories behind his songs, so he was ideal for our first episode. Not that you should expect this podcast to always focus on lyrics, or be restricted to this kind of music, much less restricted to songwriters associated with Camper van Beethoven (other members of which I’ve interviewed here, here, and here). I’ve got some good interviews already lined up, and invite you all to submit your suggestions, or even volunteer yourself.

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  1. Great first episode! It is definitely off to an auspicious start… As I was listening to this it made me think how limited too many people are in there musical variety. How “uncool” it is to like “Country” music in a certain milieu. Anyway, good luck with this. For future podcast guests I’d like to throw out two for starters:

    1. The Two Man Gentlemen Band

    Great duo who have an interesting take on old-timey roots music with an interesting blend of humor, novelty, erudition and musical chops. I also have had them perform at my establishment numerous times over the years so I believe I can easily get you in touch with each other.

    2, Jenny Lewis

    It is the tenth anniversary of the album “Rabbit Fur Coat” by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. As such they are back together doing a commemorative tour of that material. If you do not know of this album, find it. Lyrically rich and musically lush and dreamy it is totally worth a listen. I don’t know her personally (althought there’s a chance I know somebody who does) so it might be a little more difficult tracking her down.



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